Featured Client: Kevin Mays of Mays Leadership

Whether your company struggles with on time delivery, employee motivation, waste, leadership capacity, lead generation, or teams that don’t perform, Mays Leadership can help.

Mays Leadership
specializes in building leadership capacity by teaching leaders the power of first leading themselves.  Their Enlightened Leadership process has helped thousands of leaders blow away their limitations and master the craft of leadership.

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Featured Client: Web Design by Knight

Web Design By Knight is comprised of a team of highly skilled, professional website specialists based in the St. Louis, Missouri area. They are dedicated to providing their clients with THE BEST Web Experience in the industry.

Logo 5Their expert team works with each client to create and manage a website designed specifically for their unique business needs. You won’t find cookie-cutter designs or services at Web Design By Knight. Customization is their specialty!

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Featured Client: TakeAction Business Coaching (Columbus, OH)

I wanted to take some time to feature some really great clients of mine.  Meet TakeAction Business Coaching.  I absolutely love working with them.  We communicate through email a lot, and talk over the phone occasionally.  They are so nice, easy to work with, organized, and know what they’re doing.  Over the past few months, I’ve been interviewing clients of theirs to create Case Studies (here are a few).  They all said the same thing…this team is super easy to work with, they are creative, helpful, full of resources, work well with their teams, and so on.  It’s very clear that their clients are extremely happy with the coaching they’ve been receiving, and they all look forward to the future as they continue to work with TakeAction Business Coaching!

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Achieving Your Goals (marginal improvements)

This week I came across this TEDx Talk by Stephen Duneier.  I was walking down my daily 2-mile path in my neighborhood and picked this particular discussion to listen to.  Why?  Because I am continuously trying to improve myself, one small adjustment at a time.  Stephen’s entire talk was speaking to me.

See, I’m the type of person who is NEVER satisfied with my level of knowledge.  I am always looking for ways to improve.  I am consistently searching for different motivational techniques to keep me moving, for fresh new skills to learn, and for valuable content to study.

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