Should you start a business blog?

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When I chat with potential clients for the first time, I get as much information about their business and why they contacted me in the first place.  They ask me questions and I ask them questions.  One of my questions is “Do you blog?”  90% of them say “No, but I would love to start.”  Yes, it’s a very time consuming task.  Yes, it takes some thought on your part.  Yes, it can be frustrating.  No, it’s not impossible.  No, it’s not expensive.  No, it’s not useless.  So why should you start a business blog?  What’s the purpose of it? Can it help your business?

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I know it’s Summer, but please don’t be RUDE!

So, this image just about sums up how I’m feeling this Summer…

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I get it…I do.  It’s Summer.  People want to go on vacation and work less hours.  Business owners want (and need) a break.  BUT…please stop being rude to the people who rely on you!!

Listen, everyone has their own to-do list.  But what some people don’t realize is that other people can’t do their job if they’re always waiting for you to do yours.

As a Virtual Assistant, I need to have consistent communication between myself and my clients.  And while I don’t need any hand-holding type guidance, I do need specific detailed information to get done what I need to get done.

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Is your business like a board game?

sorry-game-canva-purchased.pngSince owning my business for 6 years, and having worked with hundreds of business owners during that time, I’ve learned quite a bit.

Remember the game Sorry?  Your plan is to move ahead with an end goal in mind, but things happen.  Someone steps on you and pushes you out of the way (that’s just a few steps back, no big deal).  But then someone else comes along and crushes your dreams and sends you right back to where you started.  It sucks!  But, it’s also just like business.

What do you do when faced with these obstacles?  Do you fall apart and quit?  Or do you plan new goals and keep moving forward?

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Featured Client: Marsalese Law Group


The attorneys at The Marsalese Law Group are uniquely qualified in the following areas; corporate governance, Sarbanes-Oxley compliance, Fair Funds for Investors, emerging business and technologies, securities law, capital formation commercial, corporate and business law, board of director personal and white-collar representation, patent litigation, estate and trust litigation. We represent high-tech and start-up enterprises privately held and publicly traded companies.

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