Starting Something New!!!

Start - Purchased - Canva

OK.  So, here I go again.  It’s “that time” where I get an itch to start something new.  I LOVE what I do…helping other business owners, like myself, grow their businesses.  Up until now, I’ve worked with the following professionals:

– Realtors (not my favorite)
– Lawyers (not too bad – just don’t know enough about the industry)
– Business Coaches (I love them…they are the best)
– Business Owners (most of them are incredible…one of my favorites)
– Authors (again, not too bad – just not something I know a lot about)

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Is your business like a board game?

sorry-game-canva-purchased.pngSince owning my business for 6 years, and having worked with hundreds of business owners during that time, I’ve learned quite a bit.

Remember the game Sorry?  Your plan is to move ahead with an end goal in mind, but things happen.  Someone steps on you and pushes you out of the way (that’s just a few steps back, no big deal).  But then someone else comes along and crushes your dreams and sends you right back to where you started.  It sucks!  But, it’s also just like business.

What do you do when faced with these obstacles?  Do you fall apart and quit?  Or do you plan new goals and keep moving forward?

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Wishing You a Memorable Memorial Day!

Memorial Day

Photo Credit:  Canva

I would like to wish you all a memorable Memorial Day!  What are you doing this weekend?  I’m enjoying some catch-up time in a quiet house, with all windows open on this humid, hot day here in Michigan.  On Monday, my 13-year-old son will be marching with his school band in the Memorial Day parade here in Hartland, Michigan.  It is forcasted to be 94 degrees and sunny!  So, here’s hoping for a great day!

History:  Here is a list of Civil War soldiers who were residents of Hartland, Michigan.

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