Creating a Vision Board for Yourself

Taken from a blog post by Business Insurers of the Carolinas:

“A vision board, sometimes called a “dream board,” uses words and images to create a visual representation of important concepts or goals. They can be created using a variety of methods and materials. Essentially, vision boards help you to “see” your success and get a clear picture of where you want to go.”

So, honestly, I haven’t created a Vision Board yet for myself, but I have plans to do one in the next couple of weeks with a friend of mine.  Why?  Because I am a goal-oriented person.  I am also a visual person.  I like checklists and spreadsheets and motivational quotes and pictures.  Basically, I like to physically look at something every day, reminding me why I’m doing what I’m doing, working so hard to get where I want to be.

What kinds of things should you add to your vision board?  Well, that’s really up to you.  It depends on what you like, how you’re motivated, and what your goals are.

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Helping Others Along the Way

Yes, it’s the time for giving.  It’s almost December and everyone is in the Christmas spirit.  And I feel it’s important to help others whenever possible.

I have two teenage boys, and like most kids, they don’t always know how good they have it.  Yes, they are grateful.  And they are great kids with good grades and good friends.  But up until now they’ve always thought of Christmas as a way to get things.  They also know it’s about giving, of course, but this year I want to teach them how to give.

We have a volunteer website here in our county, so I’m going to sign them up for something before Christmas.  Actually, I’m planning to sign up them and me and my husband, because giving is something we should all be doing, as a family.  And, I might even make this a monthly thing…who knows.

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Why is Grammar so Important in Business?

Have you ever received an email from a colleague or business contact, and you felt like a preschooler wrote it?  It’s a turn-off.  If I receive a business email with excessive typos, run-on sentences, or poor grammar, I’ll think twice about emailing them back.  Honestly, it shows laziness, ignorance, and a lack of respect.  That tells me they may disregard my business policies.  It also tells me they don’t care too much about accuracy, and that they may not communicate effectively.  Does this matter?  Of course it does.  I can’t tell you how important it is to have clear, consistent, communication when you’re working with a Virtual Assistant.  All you have is communication…and it’s often only over email.  If communication is so poorly written that I can’t understand it…well, that’s a problem.

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Featured Client: Joe Tetro with ActionCOACH Business Coaching

Meet Joseph Tetro, a Certified Business Coach with ActionCOACH.  His firm is located in Fairhope, Alabama.  

As your coach, he will work with you in five key areas. The emphasis on each area depends on your needs, the type of business you have, and your goals.

The key areas are:

  • Sales
  • Marketing and Advertising
  • Team Building and Recruitment
  • Systems and Business Development
  • Customer Service

Joe’s goal is to help business owners spend less time working IN their business and more time working ON their business. In the end, they’ll be spending less total time working and they’ll be making more money. Joe also likes to help put the FUN back in business and in life. 

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100 days until Christmas?

Christmas - Canva - FreeI saw a meme on Facebook the other day that said “100 days until Christmas.”  Honestly, I am not looking forward to Christmas this year.  The past two years have been just terrible for me and my family.  In 2016, my father was dying of lung cancer.  My mother-in-law recently had a stroke.  And because of all of this, Christmas was at MY house.  And to top it all off, my brother-in-law and his wife were coming up from Florida, so we had to entertain them for a few days.  It was a rough Christmas.

In 2017 (the first Christmas without my dad), I volunteered to have Christmas at my house, again.  It was not only sad, but my sister and her family were over an hour late (and dinner was ready), her youngest child screamed throughout the entire night, nobody was in a good mood, and I ended up with a monster headache.  But, I had enough energy to take down every Christmas decoration that night before going to bed.  By December 26th, Christmas was GONE.  I vowed this year I would not put up any Christmas decorations.  And my husband wants to go to Vegas.  So, when I saw “100 days until Christmas” on my Facebook feed, I just about threw up.

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How to be a Great Business Coach!!

Coaching - Canva - Purchased

If you’re thinking of becoming a coach, read through these 6 steps and see if they fit you and what you envision your coaching business to look like.

1 – Have you had business success yourself?  If you’ve had proven business success, make sure you add your story to your website and share it with your prospects; also back it up with client testimonials.

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Do you have September Anxiety?

It’s ALMOST that time of year…again!

Fall - Canva - Free

Yes, September is literally creeping up upon us.  My August is sooooo jammed pack with life and work, I don’t even want to look ahead, but really can’t help it.

This month I have the following going on:

– 16 year old son is in Driver’s Education class
– 16 year old son needs driven back and forth to class and to work
– 14 year old son is going to band camp (for 1 week)
– Preparing 14 year old son for band camp
– Taking a Business Writing course online

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