Is your business like a board game?

sorry-game-canva-purchased.pngSince owning my business for 6 years, and having worked with hundreds of business owners during that time, I’ve learned quite a bit.

Remember the game Sorry?  Your plan is to move ahead with an end goal in mind, but things happen.  Someone steps on you and pushes you out of the way (that’s just a few steps back, no big deal).  But then someone else comes along and crushes your dreams and sends you right back to where you started.  It sucks!  But, it’s also just like business.

What do you do when faced with these obstacles?  Do you fall apart and quit?  Or do you plan new goals and keep moving forward?

I actually love the game Sorry.  I do have to admit that being sent back to HOME does crush me just a little bit, but I end up taking a new route the next time I venture out.  And just sometimes, it’s a better path with more exciting twists and turns.  And sometimes I move past the ones who stepped on me the first time and win after-all.  Yes, it’s a game, but I can see the correlation between it and my business.Path - Canva - Free

Right now, I’m working on some new ideas and new goals for the 2nd half of 2018.  Do you have fresh goals in mind?  Are you taking a new adventure because of unforeseen paths?  If so, then keep your head up high and know that sometimes the roads you can’t predict end up taking you to the most amazing places!


Here’s to a fantastic rest of the year!  Keep moving forward!!!

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Elizabeth Debol
Executive Virtual Assistant


Featured Client: Marsalese Law Group


The attorneys at The Marsalese Law Group are uniquely qualified in the following areas; corporate governance, Sarbanes-Oxley compliance, Fair Funds for Investors, emerging business and technologies, securities law, capital formation commercial, corporate and business law, board of director personal and white-collar representation, patent litigation, estate and trust litigation. We represent high-tech and start-up enterprises privately held and publicly traded companies.

The experience of a skilled legal team is vital to your success and at The Marsalese Law Group we take a pragmatic approach to representing you. We deliver exceptional personalized service and attention, the kind of legal advice that produces great results.

The experience of a skilled legal team is vital to your success and at The Marsalese Law Group we take a pragmatic approach to representing you. We deliver exceptional personalized service and attention, the kind of legal advice that produces great results.

Practice Areas:

Who We Are

When reputation matters or when success matters, the experience and skilled legal team at The Marsalese Law Group is the law firm to turn to for a powerful ally.

The visionary and innovative law firm to turn to for legal advice and assistance. At The Marsalese Law Group, we work closely with our diverse client base to provide strategic legal and business counsel to clients in their business and personal endeavors. We provide our clients with a full range of expertise and experience.

About Us

The experience and skilled legal team at The Marsalese Law Group is the law firm to turn to for a powerful ally. The visionary and innovative law firm to turn to for legal advice and assistance. At The Marsalese Law Group, we work closely with our diverse client base to provide strategic advise and counsel to clients in their business and personal endeavors. We take a results-driven approach to our client’s matters and have aggressively and successfully represented them in a full range of expertise and experience.

The experience of a skilled legal team is vital to your success and at The Marsalese Law Group we take a hands-on and pragmatic approach to representing our clients. We deliver exceptional personalized service and attention, the kind of legal advice that produces great results.

Our Mission

At The Marsalese Law Group, our mission is to help our clients reach their goals in an expeditious, cost-effective and informed manner. Laser focused advocacy and zealous representation are the cornerstones to our approach to practicing law. We assist our clients with achieving their objectives by providing effective business and legal counseling.

We provide our clients with the personalized focus and attention to fully understand their needs and objectives. At The Marsalese Law Group, we are more than attorneys; we are business advisers, coaches, and mentors. We are zealous advocates with a singular purpose to provide results for our clients. Paramount to our mission is the following core value:  “Our Commitment is to Provide Practical Advice with a business focus and an Entrepreneurial Spirit.”

For information on how The Marsalese Law Group can provide professional, effective, and efficient legal advice, contact us anytime.

Michael Marsalese
Managing Member
Southfield, MI
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Featured Client: Kevin Mays of Mays Leadership

Whether your company struggles with on time delivery, employee motivation, waste, leadership capacity, lead generation, or teams that don’t perform, Mays Leadership can help.

Mays Leadership
specializes in building leadership capacity by teaching leaders the power of first leading themselves.  Their Enlightened Leadership process has helped thousands of leaders blow away their limitations and master the craft of leadership.

Pic with Gray Border 1
CEO, Dr. Kevin Mays

Dr. Mays is an award winning speaker with a message that inspires action. From keynote speeches to quarterly meetings, his powerful message of risk, success, and accountability will transform your organization.  Kevin is a dynamic presenter that offers the concrete tools and the motivation to take your performance to the next level.

I grew up in Flint where I watched one business after another go belly up.  Now, I’m on a mission to create an economic environment where businesses THRIVE.  I’ve helped transform countless businesses around the region, and the country, and I can help you to.  

My clients are business owners just like you.  We work together so they can create record profit, work fewer hours, and achieve the lifestyle they deserve. 

From restaurant chains to global manufacturers, I’ve helped family businesses around the country take their business to the next level.  In fact, as a recovering psychologist, I’ve been helping families thrive for decades.”

TotemDr. Kevin Mays is also an author.  In Totem, Kevin unlocks the power of human dynamics, laying out a step-by-step process for creating exceptional teams.

By bringing to light the underlying forces that define a team’s culture, the ground-breaking Totem model provides the framework to enable your team to solve problems, communicate, and execute in world-class style.

Dr. Kevin Mays works with family owned/operated businesses and manufacturing business in and around Grand Rapids, Michigan.

If you’re interested in scheduling a free 30-minute phone consult with Kevin, please visit his calendar:

Teaching Leadership in Orlando - Oct 2017

Or feel free to contact Kevin by email or phone:
Connect with Kevin on LinkedIn

Featured Client: TakeAction Business Coaching (Columbus, OH)

I wanted to take some time to feature some really great clients of mine.  Meet TakeAction Business Coaching.  I absolutely love working with them.  We communicate through email a lot, and talk over the phone occasionally.  They are so nice, easy to work with, organized, and know what they’re doing.  Over the past few months, I’ve been interviewing clients of theirs to create Case Studies (here are a few).  They all said the same thing…this team is super easy to work with, they are creative, helpful, full of resources, work well with their teams, and so on.  It’s very clear that their clients are extremely happy with the coaching they’ve been receiving, and they all look forward to the future as they continue to work with TakeAction Business Coaching!

Coaches (left to right):  Michelle Calcasola, Peg Buehrle, Pete McDowell, Dawn Hackett

What’s interesting is that this group of coaches puts together a radio show every week.  It’s called Business Talk.  They provide an hour-long show of helpful, useful content for business owners.  Even if you’re not in or around Columbus, you can listen to these radio shows and get some really great information to help your business!

Their Purpose

TakeACTION Business Coaching exists to help business owners grow their businesses, which ultimately leads to more jobs throughout our communities.  Their goal is to teach you how to work ON your business and not IN your business, so you can make more money, get control of your time, and hire the right people.

Who They Are

  • They are a group of ActionCOACH Certified Business Coaches who help business owners from all industries and all sizes take their businesses from good to great.
  • They are award-winning business coaches with over 30 years of collective business coaching experience.
  • They are seasoned business professionals who have enjoyed highly successful business careers and owned multiple businesses of their own.
  • They are the #1 rated ActionCOACH Business Coaching firm in Ohio.

Their Specialties

  • 1-on-1 business coaching
  • Group business coaching
  • Executive business coaching
  • Succession planning
  • Sales and marketing
  • Financial strategies
  • Developing systems
  • Recruiting processes
  • Keynote speaking
  • Workshops
  • Management training
  • DISC Profile training
  • Strategic planning
  • Leadership training
  • Team building
  • Business Plans
  • Business Valuations

Visit their website if you’re interested in knowing more about this amazing team of coaches.  They won’t disappoint!!


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Elizabeth Debol
Executive Virtual Assistant

Achieving Your Goals (marginal improvements)

This week I came across this TEDx Talk by Stephen Duneier.  I was walking down my daily 2-mile path in my neighborhood and picked this particular discussion to listen to.  Why?  Because I am continuously trying to improve myself, one small adjustment at a time.  Stephen’s entire talk was speaking to me.

See, I’m the type of person who is NEVER satisfied with my level of knowledge.  I am always looking for ways to improve.  I am consistently searching for different motivational techniques to keep me moving, for fresh new skills to learn, and for valuable content to study.

People often say “How do you find the time?”  I run a small business.  I have two teenage boys.  I volunteer in school activities.  I visit family, go out with friends, keep up with household duties, and all the other things moms/wives do.  And, I have time to relax at night to watch my favorite shows or to read books.  And I even sometimes start craft projects (and finish them).  Am I Wonder Woman?  I wish.  But no, I’m not!

This speech by Stephen sums it up.  I make marginal improvements!!

I used to go to the local gym every day (for about 2 years) and work-out every morning for about 1.5 hours.  I then moved out of the area and cancelled my membership.  Forward about 3 years and I kept telling myself I had to get back to the gym.  But I didn’t want to waste hours of every day, inside, around people I didn’t know.  I love being outside.  I love being active.  So, about a year ago I decided to start walking down our street (it’s one street about a mile long) when the weather was nice.  I would walk about half-way then come home.  It felt good.  It was probably less than a mile.  No big deal.  Well, I then decided to find time to go EVERY day and work up to 1.5 miles each time.  I put Pandora on my phone and listened to my favorite stations (usually 80s music).  After a few months of that, I decided to increase to 2 miles each time.  I had to adjust my walk route, but I managed it.  And I also decided to track my daily walks (time, distance, steps, and calories) by downloading an app on my phone.  THEN, I decided I didn’t want to listen to music every time.  So, I started listening to Tedx Talks.  Now, I’m down several pounds, have a decent tan, and know more now than I did last month, and the month before that.  I even started learning new things by searching for topics on YouTube to listen to when I walk.  Yesterday I listened to an event planning training and today I listened to a strategic alliance marketing Q & A.

So what is my point?  These were all MARGINAL IMPROVEMENTS.  And I didn’t really see them as that until I listened to Stephen’s talk above.

So, my question to YOU is…What marginal improvements can you make in your personal life or professional life that can change you for the better?

What are some small goals you want to accomplish in the next 6 months?

Here are a few of my summer goals:

1 – Walk the 8-mile track around our local nature park.

2 – Learn more about 1 very specific niche for marketing (to increase my business).

3 – Read 3 new books (something that’s NOT business related because I need to learn to relax a bit).

I’d love to know more about your goals and how you make marginal improvements in your life!!!  Feel free to email me your story!

“Strive for continuous improvement, instead of perfection.” – Kim collins

Elizabeth Debol
Executive Virtual Assistant

What makes you GREAT?

OK.  So, I’m sitting here wondering what I want to post about this week.  And due to a not-so-fun, frustrating, attacking experience over the weekend, I decided to focus on what I do that’s GREAT.

Attitude - Canva

Photo Credit:  Canva

I’m a very motivated person.  I have an entrepreneurial drive.  I like to get things done, and if I don’t know how to do something, I’ll figure it out.  I don’t like to procrastinate (although it does happen sometimes).  I don’t like broken promises.  I like schedules.  I like lists.  I like organization.  I don’t like people who nag or complain about the little things.  I love music, walking outside, working in the yard, playing with my kids, cuddling with my dogs, and so much more!  Life is good!

Why am I telling you this?  Because we all have something great within us that NOBODY gets.  I think mine is planning.  In my head, I have to plan just about everything.  I plan my day from the moment I get up to the moment I go to bed.  But, I leave enough time each day for me to do something different than the day before (if I want to).  This probably doesn’t make sense to anyone but myself, but it’s true.  I have amazing executive functioning skills.  I love the feeling of accomplishment.  And being a Virtual Assistant helps me build on these skills, gives me the opportunity to use these skills, and makes me feel like what I do really does matter.

What makes YOU great?  We all have things we are terrible at.  For me, it’s cooking.  We all have things we enjoy and really love.   For me, it’s planning and executing.  I am constantly reading, learning new ways to help my clients.  I am consistently networking to find professionals to collaborate with.  I am inspired by new adventures and can’t wait for the next one to knock on my door (or email me).  🙂

If you are GREAT at something, follow it through.  Walk down your path with pride and enjoy your time doing it.  That is one reason I started my business.  I enjoy helping others walk down their path.  And I get to walk down mine at the same time.  What I’m able to accomplish might not be what others’ want to do.  And I’m fine with that.  But respect that I love what I do.  And I’ll respect that you love what you do.  Understand we are all great at something.  If we were all good at the same things, this world would be a VERY boring place to live.

If you recognize that your GREATNESS is NOT organizing, planning, or executing, then contact me.  I want you to do what you’re the best at, and leave those other tasks to me.  Help me feed my GREATNESS while I help you live out yours.

This year has been amazing so far, but I’m starting to find some real niche professionals I want to continue working with:  Business Coaches (event planning) and Realtors (blogging).  I’m also working on a new path…marketing for educational centers.

Like I said, I am always looking for new adventures, and it keeps my life busy but fulfilled.  I wish you great things on your journey, and if you need any help, please don’t hesitate to contact me!

Elizabeth Debol
Executive Virtual Assistant

Passion or Pretend


Well, it’s officially nice weather here in Michigan.  It’s been in the 70’s the last few days and I’m enjoying it very much.  I love getting outside and exercising, so I’ve been walking 1.5 miles a day and doing as much yard-work as I possibly can.  Why am I telling you this?

I have a few passions in life:

– Feeling good
– Helping others
– Working hard

Here’s something about me…  I don’t pretend to have it all together.  I don’t pretend to always know what I’m doing.  I don’t pretend to be passionate about something I’m not.  I’ll tell you straight away what I like and what I don’t, what I’m good at and what I’m not.  I am not afraid to learn, but I only do what I’m passionate about.  That’s who I am.  That’s why I’m always happy and I don’t let anything stand in my way.

Are you doing what your heart desires?
Are you enjoying your business or are you just pretending you do?  

Here’s a little story:  When I first started out as a Virtual Assistant 6 years ago, I was willing to do pretty much any admin work I could get my hands on.  I worked for a small hourly fee.  I put in a lot of hours learning how to perfect my skills.  I busted my hump to build up my business.  In the process, I learned a lot about myself, my clients, and why I decided to work as a VA in the first place.  I love helping others (one of my passions).  Many business owners don’t want to sit behind a desk (or simply can’t) doing things they hate, or are not good at, or don’t have the skill for, or simply don’t have the passion for.  When they pretend, things either don’t get done at all or they simply get put on the “will do later” list.

What I’m trying to say is that I’m not pretending to love my job, I actually have a passion for it.  If you have a passion for your work, don’t let anything get in your way.  Don’t let small tasks (and lack of skill set) stop you from pushing forward and continuing to grow your business.

I am now working on expanding my business, hoping to bring on some partners and work locally with more businesses.  If you’re in need of some assistance with your administrative tasks, contact me.  I want to help you!

Elizabeth Debol
Executive Virtual Assistant