Helping Companies Improve Turnover Rates

I’m the founder of V.A.S.T and the owner of Business Virtual Services, LLC. For the last 6 years, I have been working with business owners of all industries.  I connect with all my clients on a personal and professional level, and over time I’ve grown as a professional.  I’ve come to realize how much I really enjoy working with people.  I have a great sense of how people relate to business and how their work ethic and personality can fiercely effect whether they succeed or not.

Because of these amazing experiences, I realized it was time for my business to grow by offering recruiting services for business owners.  In today’s world with constant job hopping, immature attitudes, social media obsessions, and a lack of work ethic, I think it’s extremely important to take the time to find perfect employees.

Due to my experience and the frustration I’ve seen/heard from my clients, I know that making more of an effort and spending a little more money & time on certain business decisions has a long-lasting effect on the company as a whole.

I plan to dedicate my time supporting business owners as they take the journey into finding AND keeping great employees.

I also plan to assist job seekers in finding that perfect position for them, educate them on professionalism, and advance their talents along the way.

If you’re an employee or an employer looking to support, feel free to contact me!


My Why:

There is something to be said about past experiences.  Our past shapes us, and our future gives us opportunities to grow.  I have worked numerous jobs, quit jobs, been fired from jobs, hated jobs, loved jobs, you name it.  I’ve worked 12 hour days, 8 hour days, and 3 hour days. I’ve started businesses, ended businesses, and changed careers. I’ve been to college, earned a degree, taken online certification classes, and read countless books. My point…I’ve done it all.

The best decision I’ve ever made was to stay home with my kids when they were little.  I started my own home daycare and worked 70 hours a week. When they started school, I cleaned houses and worked 20 hours a week.  I then started a business being a Virtual Assistant, and have never looked back. My family was my WHY.

Now, I find myself wanting to do more, wanting to help others, wanting to really make a difference.  I see my husband come home every night frustrated with a non-functioning HR department at his job, feeling unappreciated and unmotivated because his employer has no idea what it’s like to engage, encourage, and retain his best employees.  I see my special needs son turning 16 soon, being old enough to work, yet not knowing if he can find a job to fit his disability.  They are my WHY.

I want to encourage job seekers to keep going. I want to support business owners by educating. I want to work with people and make a difference. This is my WHY.


My Guarantee:

I believe that the length of time it takes to complete something is just as important to success as the quality of the work.  I work extremely efficient and I am a very productive person.  I have a small staff of individuals who support me, and together, we want to give you a GUARANTEE that we will find you that perfect candidate in less than 2 WEEKS.

This means that if you are looking to hire a new employee, I guarantee that we will find you the perfect candidate in less than 2 WEEKS. And if you are a job seeker, I guarantee that we will help improve your job offers in less than 2 WEEKS.

Just remember one thing…I am authentic. I will give you my very best, but in return, I expect the very best from you. It’s a team effort from my staff members, myself, and my clients!

My guarantee is my way of saying I will work hard for you, I will provide quality work, and I will show you results.


V.A.S.T. Recruiting Services was created for two reasons:

1) To assist hiring managers and business owners find the perfect employees for their businesses without breaking the bank.

2) To advance amazing talent and support job seekers by helping them enhance their career goals.

Companies have to understand how important it is to treat their employees with respect, and they need to learn how to manage incredible talent, motive their staff, engage their teams, express their appreciation, and retain their employees they so badly want to keep. WE CAN HELP by starting with the #1 important task: The Recruiting Process

Employers / Business Owners:

Do you know your WHY?  Why did you start your business?  Why are you looking to hire?  Why do you do what you do every day? Why are you looking for recruiting help?  Why are you growing your business?  Why do you want to find the perfect candidates?  Why do you need to replace workers?  Why are you looking for new workers?  Why aren’t you keeping your current workers?

Job Seekers:

Do you know your WHY? Why are you looking for a job?  Why did your last job not work out?  Why are you seeking help?  Why did you pick the career you’re in?  Why do you need recruiting support?  Why don’t you pick a new career?  Why are you unhappy at your current job?  Why don’t you have a current job?  Why are you settling for a job you don’t like?


Do you want to lose money, productivity, and employee morale because you’re simply not hiring the right people?

Do you need to hire an asset to your company, but don’t have the time to advertise a job description, screen all the candidates, make interview calls, and write up job offers?

Let us help you find that perfect new employee so your turnover is less and your productivity is greater!

Are you ready to have professionals take on this tedious task?

Please NOTE that we do NOT have candidates on hand.  We are not that type of recruiting business.   We cater to the employer and find what they need based on open positions.  We do all the legwork and find you exactly what your business needs.

We are a unique business and want to work with YOU to make your business the best it can be!

Please click HERE to learn more about how we can help you!

(we currently support the AUTOMOTIVE industry, the CHILDCARE industry, and the DIRECT CARE industry).

Thanks for reading!

Elizabeth Debol
Virtual Recruiting Specialist


Why You Should Hire an Individual with a Disability

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, In 2016, 17.9 percent of persons with a disability were employed.  In contrast, the employment-population ratio for those without a disability was 65.3 percent.

What really frustrates me the most is that these individuals sometimes don’t even have a chance to prove to employers that they can be a benefit to the company.  Whether it’s a lack of communication skills, or a disconnect due to social deficits, good candidates are often (too often) overlooked.  This isn’t because of someone’s disability.  It’s because of those employers or hiring managers who don’t understand the disability.  They also don’t take the time to learn exactly what positive attributes these individuals can bring to their companies.

Also according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, persons with a disability are less likely to have completed a bachelor’s degree or higher than those with no disability. Among both groups, those who had attained higher levels of education were more likely to be employed than those with less education.

Individuals with a disability often have an extremely high IQ.  Or they have a special interest in a related subject to the place they hope to work some day.  And even though they may not have a degree, they are still very capable (if not sometimes more capable) of being highly skilled employee for a specific job position.

Now obviously some jobs require certain education.  And that’s very understandable.  But, every brick and mortar business needs help with cleaning.  Every business needs help with organization.  Every business needs something done that others don’t want to do.  Why?  Because these specific positions are often mundane and repetitive, and require little to no social contact with others.  These are often the BEST opportunities for disabled individuals!

Here’s something to ponder over.  My husband used to go into a McDonald’s (on a fairly regular basis) near his work.  He said there was a man with special needs who greeted him every time he walked in the door.  He was always usually cleaning the tables, cleaning the floors, or emptying trash. And the best part, he always had a smile on his face.  My husband looked forward to going into that specific McDonald’s every week, just to see this man’s passion and attitude.  My husband said that he enjoyed the enthusiasm that man had for his job, and his nice disposition made my husband’s day.  I can guarantee that when my husband went back to work, he didn’t feel that way about his colleagues.  

My point?  A degree doesn’t make you a great employee.  Passion, enthusiasm, and disposition does.  A deep love for your job does.  The way others feel when they’re around you does.  

I challenge business owners to just give someone with a disability a chance.  Go that extra mile to seek out someone who has the passion for just one task at your company.  Special needs individuals give 110%.  They don’t complain.  They’re happy all the time.  They never miss work.  They don’t ask for time off.  They spread joy and inspiration.  And they’ll do anything for anybody.  Who wouldn’t want an employee like that?

Elizabeth Debol
Virtual Recruiting Specialist