Do you ever talk to the wall?

Today, my son came home from drivers education and said he couldn’t finish his worksheet because the book he was using didn’t provide any useful information (the answers) to the questions on the worksheet.  He was worked up and frustrated, so I should have known that whatever I said wouldn’t have mattered.  Apparently, I wasn’t listening, because he finished our conversation with… “I’d be better off talking to the wall.”

Well, kid, I feel that way too sometimes.  I feel your pain!!

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Here’s the thing…   I love having business conversations with my clients.  I really do!!  But, when I have to repeat things over and over again, “I’d be better off talking to the wall.”  I work alone, so if I talk to the wall it’s likely nobody will hear me.  So, maybe that’s what I’ll start doing.

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Low Budget Marketing for Small Businesses

Marketing is necessary for all businesses, but it can be a kick in the financials for small business owners.  So, coming up with clever ways to stay on (or below) budget can make all the difference in business success.

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Here are some ideas to market your business on a low budget:

Referrals.  Often if you ask, you shall receive.  Maybe ask in an email campaign, offering a free download as a thank you.

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Brochures.  Create a brochure to share on social media or to hand out during networking events.  No postage needed.

Website.  Design a free website (or landing page) for one of your best services or products.  Share it on social media or through email campaigns to capture emails or stir up attention.

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What Does Your CRM Look Like?

OK.  I need to start a topic of conversation regarding CRM programs & database management.  I talk to at least 1 person a week (sometimes more) regarding their contact database and CRM platforms.

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I currently work within the following platforms for clients:

What does your CRM look like?  Here is what I often see:

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