I know it’s Summer, but please don’t be RUDE!

So, this image just about sums up how I’m feeling this Summer…

Rude - Canva - Purchased

I get it…I do.  It’s Summer.  People want to go on vacation and work less hours.  Business owners want (and need) a break.  BUT…please stop being rude to the people who rely on you!!

Listen, everyone has their own to-do list.  But what some people don’t realize is that other people can’t do their job if they’re always waiting for you to do yours.

As a Virtual Assistant, I need to have consistent communication between myself and my clients.  And while I don’t need any hand-holding type guidance, I do need specific detailed information to get done what I need to get done.

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Business Communication…why it’s so important.

Effective Business Communication

When you own a business, it’s essential to have GREAT communication skills.  Whether you are communicating with vendors, clients, colleagues, or employees, your business is not going to work if there is lousy communication.

If you don’t know how to communicate in your business, then you should invest some time and money into learning how to.  Here is a great website to find communication skills seminars in your area.

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Know your Database

Please!!!  Please!!! Please!!! Know who you are interacting with!!!

Know Your Database (2)I work with small business owners, and the harsh reality is that many of them do not know their database.  They don’t know who they are emailing.  They don’t know they have a customer with 5 different emails, receiving their email blasts 5 times, each time.  They don’t realize they have customers on 10 different lists in their email marketing program.

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