Do you know how to save time and money using a VA?

You are a very busy entrepreneur, with business booming, and enough clients to actually start making some good income…but…you are feeling:

1.    Overwhelmed… by the amount of work that needs to keep your business going 

2.    Frustrated… because you have to do work that you really hate doing

3.    Unproductive…because you are not the best at some of these tasks, so doing them is taking too long to complete


These are all signs that it’s time to stop and re-assess your workload. It’s time to allow yourself to focus on the work you do best and hire somebody to do the rest. Being the jack-of-all-trades can initially seem like a necessity when you’re an entrepreneur, but it really doesn’t have to be that way!

In reality, you cannot create a highly successful business by yourself. Get help where you need it the most!  Focus on what really creates the revenue and what you are passionate about.  

So, how much is your time worth?  

Let’s say you are a lawyer, billing out $125 per hour (and that’s on the low end).  Let’s say you spend 10 hours per week working on social media updates, bookkeeping, email campaigns, etc.  If you paid yourself your hourly rate, it would be $1,250 per week…that’s $5,000 per month.  

These same tasks can be done by a highly experienced virtual assistant for much less money.  For example, my rate is $35 per hour.  So you would pay me $350 per week…that’s $1,400 per month…which is saving you $3,600 per month.  And, you don’t have the stress or headache trying to accomplish it all.  

If you took those 10 hours per week (40 hours per month) and focused solely on income producing activities (such as talking with prospective clients or networking with partners) how much money could you make in those 40 hours per month? Would you be able to make that $1,400 per month to pay your assistant? Sure you would!  In fact, I’m certain you would be able to grow your business exponentially!!

The math makes sense. So, what is stopping you? If you’re not moving forward on this you must ask yourself — what’s holding you back?


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Elizabeth Debol
Executive Virtual Assistant


How Outsourcing Can Improve Business

As a Virtual Assistant, I often get asked these questions:

  1. What tasks can you help me with?
  2. How can I get more done each week?
  3. Will your assistance bring me business?
  4. What would be the first step to working together?


I am going to take a few minutes to answer these 4 questions below:

Q:  What tasks can you help me with?

A:  Well, it really depends on your business, your skills, your time, and your budget.  If your business consists of multiple people working together, then we would need to focus on team tasks.  If you are the only one in your business, then we would need to focus on what you need to get done and where you need help.  That brings us to your skills (and time).  What are you good at?  What do you enjoy doing?  What do you want to do but don’t have time to?  What needs to get done but never does? And the list goes on and on. We would brainstorm your strengths (and weaknesses) against mine and come up with a solution.   Now, we need to talk about your budget.  I have created an interactive spreadsheet HERE that allows you to type in your monthly income, what tasks you currently do yourself (or plan to do), how much it costs you to do them versus having a Virtual Assistant do them, and how much you can save if you do get help.  So, this not only helps you work on a budget, but it shows you how much money you may be throwing away trying to do everything yourself.


Q:  How can I get more done each week?

A:  Here’s the thing.  If you are unfamiliar with a program you need to use for creating email campaigns, or if you’re not good at typing and need to create multiple documents each week, or if you find yourself consistently trying to learn something you don’t even want to do, then you’re not using your time wisely.  We ALL have our area(s) of expertise.  Business owners want to focus on what directly brings them income.  This could be one-on-one meetings, staff training, client workshops, or networking. It’s the back-office, out of the way tasks that pile up.  These tasks often bring indirect income, meaning they generate curiosity and possibly leads, but they don’t always close the sale.  You need someone to help you generate those leads, keep your name in front of people, encourage efficiency and productivity, and push you to get more done! You may still be doing the same tasks every week (the ones you love and those you’re good at), but the administrative/lead generating tasks are ALSO getting done.  So, more will be getting accomplished every week.  The key is consistency and communication.


Q:  Will your assistance bring me business?

A:  Yes, eventually it will.  There is not a sure formula out there or an exact science to this.  It’s consistently posting to social media and sending emails.  It’s keeping your name in front of your target audience.  It’s making connections with ideal prospects. It’s working with a plan, creating reasonable goals, and moving forward.  And if done right and consistently, yes, your business will grow.


Q:  What would be the first step to working together?

A:  The first step would be a good conversation (about an hour) where we learn about each other, how our personalities fit, and how we can best work together.  We would come up with a plan, create goals within that plan, decide on a budget, and communicate effectively.  It’s often a trial and error sort of relationship.  There will be things that don’t work, things that work great, things that need some nurturing along the way, and things that we won’t even try.  But, with a good plan in place and a consistent path to move forward, you will see that working virtually with a professional can relieve stress and grow your business.


If you are interested in having a short chat with me, please schedule a day/time here:

There is no obligation to use my services, but I can guarantee you’ll have a clearer idea of how to move forward with your business.

Thanks for reading.  And I look forward to hearing from you!

Elizabeth Debol
Executive Virtual Assistant
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